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Youngstown Road Runners Club

on 25 September 2015.

 The Youngstown Road Runners Club was founded in the spring of 1975 and held weekly races at a cost of 50 cents per runner.  The club soon joined up with Road Runners Clubs of America.  Membership was $5 per individual and approximately 1100 joined.

   The last several years YRRC has averaged about 150 family memberships ($25) and a few single student members ($15).  Membership is open to runners of all abilities, age, experience, fitness levels and running goals. Current members are from the Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties of Northeastern Ohio, as well as, Mercer and Lawrence counties of Western Pennsylvania.


YRRC schedules group runs on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am in our “Green Cathedral”, Mill Creek Metro Park, with a variety of distances.  Group runs are also available on Monday’s at 6:30 pm in the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Members who complete at least 100 miles at club runs qualify for the 100 mile club and receive a small gift.  These runs are attended by runners of various abilities. Visitors are always welcome!

   The autumn and winter runs involve park cabins being rented with the club providing coffee and cookies.  A warm cabin with hot coffee and cookies can’t be beat after those cold winter runs. Just about every month the club has a food run i.e. pancake run, chili run, Christmas party, maple syrup festival (more pancakes), awards dinner and Summer picnic all at no charge.   Most group runs are attended by 15-30 runners but when food is involved we usually have 30-45 runners.

   YRRC has hosted the Mill Creek Distance Classic, a challenging half marathon, for 26 years.  The last couple years the snow has made the Classic quite the adventure. 

   YRRC also has 3 certified coaches available to club members for individual training plans free of charge. A coach can help get you started running or get you to your potential and help prevent injury.

   Group runs are a wonderful way to get started or to keep you running.  There’s no better way to get through long runs than talking away the miles and also a great way to make new running friends.

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