Ten Pledges for Cross Country Coaches

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Ten Pledges for Cross Country Coaches

on 11 September 2012.

By Rod O’Donnell

xc-start1. I will run at least one home meet each fall.


2. I will run a full schedule and not abbreviate meets to save days to train and will score

all contests.

3. I will constantly defend my sport when absurd perceptions—like cross country runners

are not real athletes—arise.


4. I will call my local newspaper with results after every meet, regardless of where my

team finishes or if the newspaper is not accommodating. I will follow up if they are not

printed with the sports editor.


5. I will do something every day to make my sport well known.


6. I will constantly educate myself by attending professional clinics and brain picking

with other coaches.


7. I will keep updated on my sport by reading at least one article per week about cross

country and track.


8. I will help young coaches by encouraging them and sharing ideas.

9. I will remind athletes to enjoy the journey of the season and provide activities to

promote fun in the sport.


10. At the end of the season I WILL evaluate my program and make adjustments to

improve myself and my team for the next year.


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