OATCCC Track & Field Clinic

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OATCCC Track & Field Clinic

on 22 December 2016.

2017 OATCCC Track & Field Clinic at the Columbus Hilton Easton

January 26th, 27th, 28th

Registration - http://www.oatccc.com/clinics.aspx

Clinic Schedule and more information - http://www.oatccc.com

OATCCC Mission The Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches Association has three key purposes.

1) To promote track & field, and cross country in all the junior and senior high schools of Ohio;  

     and also extend support to those programs in the state's colleges and universities.

 2) To cooperate with and assist the OHSAA and Ohio's colleges and universities in all the

     matters pertaining to maintenance, promotion, and improvement of track & field, and cross


 3) To Recognize and award outstanding achievement and/or contribution by athletes, coaches,      

       officials, and supporters.


Story of the OATCCC

The Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches was started in 1941, the brain child of Ed Barker, for whom we use his name to honor an individual who has made outstanding contributions to Ohio Track and Cross Country. Dues were 50 cents per year and the Executive Board met twice per year.

The 1st clinic was planned for 1942, and held in the spring of that year. That year also brought recognition of the top five finishers in each event with a certificate. All-Ohio emblems were added at a later date.

In 1962 our track clinic was moved to the last weekend in January, where we find it to this day.

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