2018 RUNOHIO Grand Prix

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2018 RUNOHIO Grand Prix

on 19 June 2018.

The 2018 RUNOHIO Grand Prix is a series of races chosen by runners and the staff of RUNOHIO to be part of a statewide grand prix.

  Criteria used in determining the RUNOHIO Grand Prix races were: 1) Runners ranking from RUNOHIO, 2) Race Organization, 3) Quality of the race field, 4) Size of the race, 5) Geographical location, 6) Date of the race, 7) Distance of the race.  RUNOHIO also tired to have only one race on a given weekend and not pick holiday races. Standings determine by one - seven races for individual scoring.

Individual scoring for Ohio runners in four categories for both Men and Women -  Open, Masters (40 and over), Grand Masters (50 and over) and Seniors (60 and over)

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