7 Tips for a Great Pre-Race Meal

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7 Tips for a Great Pre-Race Meal

on 10 May 2018.


1.      Don’t Experiment
Don’t try new foods on race day, it might cause unexpected problems.

2.      Avoid Soft Drinks and Candy
Sugar is your enemy, empty calories that don’t provide long term fuel source.

3.      High Carbohydrates
Never can go wrong with breads, pasta, rice…pure long lasting energy source.

4.      Timing
Takes about 3 hours to empty the stomach of quality food.

5.      Fluids
Plenty of water and sports drinks…stay away from carbonated sugary soft drinks.

6.      Avoid High Fat Intake
Fat takes longer to digest and lots of water to process.

7.      Limit Protein Intake
Protein is a weak energy source, great for building tissue but limit the amount prior to race.


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