Kara Goucher Debuts Strong: A Runner’s Guide To Increasing Confidence And Becoming The Best Version Of You

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Kara Goucher Debuts Strong: A Runner’s Guide To Increasing Confidence And Becoming The Best Version Of You

on 19 August 2018.

Two-Time Olympian and World Silver Medalist Shares Her Secrets to Conquering Self-Doubt and Improving Life Performance.
How does a top collegiate runner go from feeling like an imposter on the starting line to representing her country at two Olympic Games, earning a World Championship silver medal, and becoming one of the most accomplished distance runners of all time? Strong offers a rare insight into a professional athlete’s vulnerabilities and fears along with key techniques for how she overcomes her doubts. Strong shares insights for developing confidence and secrets for how to build a champion’s mindset. Alongside her sport psychologist Dr. Stephen Walker, and a powerhouse of inspirational contributors, Kara Goucher takes you inside the process of creating your own confidence journal that will elevate your running and also lay the foundational building blocks to become the best version of yourself across your personal, athletic and professional life.
Throughout her career, Kara Goucher struggled with confidence. Dedicating time to thoughtfully focus on the positive aspects of her running and curbing her fears became an important and powerful part of her daily training routine. Strong shares excerpts from Kara’s confidence journal, a practice suggested to her by the world-renowned Dr. Walker. “Self doubt has always been tough for me and learning how to chronicle and recall the best parts of my training has had a positive impact on my running and my life,” shares Kara Goucher. “I am so excited to share Strong with everyone out there who has struggles like I have and I hope this journal gives readers the keys to unlock new potentials in all aspects of life.”
“Strong" guides the reader through Kara’s most useful confidence techniques including Positive Self Talk, Mantras, Setting Goals, Enclothed Cognition, Power Pose, Visualization Techniques, Power Words, and Social Connections. With compelling first-person narration, Kara also offers tips and strategies to personalize and embrace each technique, with prompts for recorded reflection along the way. The final section of the books invites the reader to start their own confidence journal with brainstorming prompts, an action plan for the practice, and blank space for over two weeks of journaling.
“We are honored to introduce Strong to readers everywhere,” said Brenna Licalzi, Acquisitions Editor for Blue Star Press. “It was a joy and honor to work alongside Kara Goucher to develop this journal and make it accessible to people everywhere. It is rare that you get an inside look into a professional athlete’s mental practices at such a high level.”
Kara has been grateful for her strong social connections and community throughout her life; Strong shares the stories of six inspirational athletes, mothers, and businesswomen who have supported Kara in her journey. This includes confidence essays from her dear friends and contributors Molly Huddle, Emma Coburn, Sally Bergesen, Christy Turlington Burns, Robin Arzón, and Mary Wittenberg. Each woman shares her unique perspective on confidence, and each believes that authentic confidence is developed with intention.
Strong is available at Barnes and Nobles, at independent bookstores across the country, and on Amazon. It debuts in a 6.8 x 7.5 paperback at 208 pages for $19.95.
About Kara Goucher:
Kara Goucher is a Midwest girl at heart, with the grit of New York City roots. Kara is a professional runner, mentor, proud mother, and loving wife. She graduated from the University of Colorado with three Division I NCAA championships in cross-country, the 3,000 meters, and 5,000 meters. She is a two-time Olympian, an American record holder, World Championships medalist, and one of the most accomplished female distance runners of all time. In addition to her professional resume, Kara is an inspiration to runners everywhere. She was named the “Most Recognizable Female Running Personality” by Run USA in 2015, and has been on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine seven times—more than any other athlete. Kara leads her Podium Retreat each year, forming connections with other female runners. She is a passionate advocate for clean sport, healthy eating, fitness, and life balance. Follow Kara at karagoucher.com.
About Blue Star Press:
Blue Star Press, based in Bend, Oregon, publishes books focused on the arts, creative processes, wellness, and witty non-fiction. They collaborate with wildly creative authors and independent artists. Their team of thinkers, designers, and wordsmiths brings talent and hard work to every project, with a deep commitment to publishing Bold Fine Print in service of their mission to inspire wellness through creative expression. Originally founded in San Antonio, Texas, Blue Star Press began in early 2015 and has published over 50 titles, including several New York Times best sellers. Learn more about Blue Star Press at bluestarpress.com.

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