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KEEPING TRACK - Ohio LabCenter for Running Performance

on 29 July 2019.

Gold mining was never a worthwhile endeavor in the state of Ohio, but if you are involved in track and/or cross-country, that will change when you discover a “gold mine” of opportunity at the Ohio LabCenter for Running Performance, located in Grover Center, on the beautiful Ohio University campus in Athens.

Established by Robert Wayner, PT, DPT, the lab offers clinical services that  examine a runner’s training, physiology, running form and mechanics that include gait analysis, mobility, flexibility, and coordination. Rehabilitation and injury prevention plans include collaboration with the runner and his/her coach in order to optimize training. Who would benefit from these services? New runners to veterans, healthy or injured runners, or those who want to start running, regardless of their age.  Personalized plans are delivered to each individual, with their goals in mind.

Clinically, the lab uses a state-of-the-art, 3-dimensional motion-capture system and a specialized force-plate treadmill to analyze a runner’s stride mechanics. Information from gait analysis is compared to strength, mobility, and flexibility areas where runners can improve efficiency and minimize injury risk.

The lab also sponsors the Ohio Cross-Country Performance Development Program. A team of coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, physicians, nutritionists, and physiologists work year-round with the men and women of the Ohio University Cross-Country program to support development of peak performance and reduce the risk of injury. Members undergo biomechanical and physiological testing periodically throughout the year with the team of professionals who monitor training, performance, injury frequency, and other changes during the runner’s entire career. Information is compiled, and the team works with the runners and the coaching staff to develop best-training practices.


After earning his degree and finishing his collegiate running career in Athens, Clinic Director Wayner completed his residency at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, where he spent seven years collaborating research and working with runners in the legendary program and post-collegiate athletes’ training in that area. Developing this program at Ohio should provide a tremendous opportunity for those involved in the OU distance program, as well as athletes throughout the state

Yes, there is gold in the hills of SE Ohio. Not in the literal form, but by providing the opportunity for athletes to become both efficient and successful. Thanks to these excellent evaluation facilities, the potential for a great running culture could become a reality.

Robert Wayner and his staff are game changers for our sport for high school, collegiate, and post collegiate runners in the region.  I encourage you to take advantage of their services.

For further information:  

Phone: (740) 593-4298

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Unfortunately, Ohio University (See March 2013 issue of Run Ohio) does not sponsor men’s track but the school competes in the Mid-American Conference in cross-country for men and women and fields a fully-funded scholarship program in women’s track.


On another note: Congratulations to all athletes who competed at the State Track Meet, in all divisions. It was a fantastic day, thanks to the OHSAA, coaches, families, and track fans who cheered on individuals and teams.


Yours in track,

Rod O’Donnell


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