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Image Gallery: 2017 2017 OHSAA State Cross Country Championships

on 06 November 2017.


Burrell, Clay and Remigino highlight USATF National Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Written by USATF on 06 November 2017.

Olympic gold medalists, a legend coach and World and American record holders comprise the illustrious USATF National Track & Field Hall of Fame Class of 2017, which will be inducted during the USATF Black Tie & Sneakers Gala in New York City on November 2.


Image Gallery: 2017 Circleville Classic 5 Miler in Memory of Jeff McGowan

on 23 October 2017.


Image Gallery: 2017 Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon

on 16 October 2017.



Written by Rod O'Donnell on 12 October 2017.

phoca thumb l IMG 5856

As temperatures begin to drop, and leaves begin to change, thousands of high school athletes are participating in the great sport of cross-country. Many have worked very hard, running hundreds of miles, preparing for the season. Goals will vary among these runners and their teams. For the elite runners, qualifying to the State Meet will be their mission. In order to accomplish this, a total team concept is absolutely necessary. This includes everyone from the slowest to the fastest. If the 30th runner pushes #29, and the pattern continues, soon #2 will help make #1 stronger, thus making the team better.

The following examples illustrate how important this team concept is: In 1985, Eric Nelson and future Olympian Bob Kennedy placed first and second in the State Meet; unfortunately, their Westerville North teammates did not run well in the Regional, and they did not qualify as a team. In 1988, Caldwell High School won one of their nine state championships when their #6 runner finished one place higher than the second place team’s #6 runner, after scoring the meet as a tie through their first five placers. Hudson’s 2001 State Championship almost did not occur when their #4 man got caught up in the excitement and passed the 800 meter mark with his teammate, Foot Locker Runner-up, Wesley Smith. When asked how he persevered to make the contribution necessary for his team to win, his reply was simple, “I couldn’t let my teammates down.” There are countless stories similar to these throughout the history of the State Championship Meet, and they all have one thing in common: The team concept was a key to the success of those that stood at the top of the podium.

To the teams that are fortunate to qualify for the meet held on the first Saturday in November, at National Trail: Good luck, and remember that it is an honor to compete. To those who reach the pinnacle of any high school sport – a State Championship, 1)Focus on the moment, not the post season meets, regardless of your national ranking; 2) Appreciate this most memorable day; 3)Enjoy the journey getting there; 4) Understand that victory on this day will change your life forever in a very positive way.

I wrote the follow for my team after they won in 2001. As the years pass by these words are becoming more true:

The next day, we said, “Time just went too fast yesterday. I wish it could have lasted forever.”

After one week, we said, “What a week it has been!”

After one year, we said, “Can you believe it has been a year since we won it?!”

After ten years, we said, “Remember those work-outs, when we ran through two feet of snow in March, practiced when it was 120 degrees in May, and carried 100 lb backpacks up that hill?”

After 25 years, we said, “Yes, kids, we were the champions. Your grandparents were so proud of the team and their son that beautiful sunny day.”

And after 50 years, we will say, “I miss those who aren’t here, but we are better people because of what we did on that day.”

Absorb every second of the experience, it goes by so quickly, and it is so very special.

Yours in track,

Rod O’Donnell

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Life Lessons from Cross-Country

Written by Rod O'Donnell on 10 October 2017.

If you are reading RUNOHIO, you are most likely someone who is interested in running, but you may not understand that cross-country is a great sport. It doesn’t always get the attention that it truly deserves, and, at times, those who are passionate about it don’t communicate how special this sport really is.


Image Gallery: 2017 All Ohio Cross Country

on 02 October 2017.


It’s the Process

Written by Richard Ferguson, Ph.D. on 27 September 2017.

When you go to a race the event becomes a means by which to produce some type of product, i.e. performance, from a great deal of process, i.e. training. Since racing may represent some product, many runners experience internal pressure to make the product come out really well, i.e. run fast, set a PR etc. However, self-awareness of this pressure to perform and produce a really good product may actually serve to reduce the quality of the product.


The Athlete’s Kitchen - Why Am I Not Getting Leaner…?

Written by Nancy Clark, MS, RDN, CSSD on 27 September 2017.

Nancy“I religiously track my food and exercise. I’m eating 1,300 calories (the number my tracker told me to eat if I want to lose 2 pounds a week). I’ve been following a strict diet and the scale hasn’t budged. My friends tell me I am eating too little. I think I must be eating too much because I am not losing weight. I feel so confused… What am I doing wrong?”


Columbus Running Company Club

on 25 September 2017.

Columbus Running Company

“Running can be such a solo sport, if you want it to be,” says Matt DeLeon, a member of the Columbus Running Company's run club. “But it’s always more fun when you link up with others. To me, that’s the best part about being in a running club, you know? It’s always having someone to run with.”


30th annual Circleville "Pumpkin Show" Classic 5 Miler - October 21

on 23 September 2017.

The race starts at Circleville High School, winds through residential streets, and finishes back at the school with a lap on the McGowan Family Track. Plan on enjoying the afternoon with your family and friends downtown at the 110th Circleville Pumpkin Show, “The Greatest Free Show On Earth”.

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