Here are some of the top Mid American Conference Men Track & Field men Athletes since 1960:

Clayton Murphy – Bronze medalist 800 meters 2016 Olympics
Shawn Barber – pole vault 2016 Olympics

Bowling Green
Dave Wottle – Gold medal 800 1976 Olympics
Sid Sink – American record holder in the steeple chase from 1969-1972

Central Michigan
Bruno Pauletto – shot put 1980 & 1984 Olympics

Eastern Michigan
Hayes Jones – Bronze medalist 110 meter hurdles 1960 Olympics, Gold medalist 110 meter hurdles
1964 Olympics, member of 4 x 100 meter relay World record 1961
Hasley Crawford - Gold medalist 100 meters 1976 Olympics
Earl Jones – Bronze medalist 800 meters 1984 Olympics
Tommy Asinga -three time Olympian 800 meters 1988, 1992, 1996
Clement Chukwu - Silver medalist 4 x 400 meter relay 2000 Olympics, 400 meters 1996 Olympics
Nduka Awazie – Silver medalist 4x400 meter relay 2000 Olympics
Jamie Nieto – High Jump 2004 Olympics
Eric Alejandro – 400 meter hurdles 2012 Olympics
Paul McMullen -1500 meters 1996 Olympics
Greg Rhymer – 800 meters, 4 x 400 meter relay 1996 Olympics
Fabian Rollins – 400 meters, 4 x 100 meter relay 2000 Olympics
Dave Ellis – 5,000 meters 1968 Olympics
Eric Alejandro – 400 meter hurdles 2012 & 2016 Olympics

Kent State
Gerald Tinker Gold medalist 4x100 meter relay 1972 Olympics, tied American record
Jud Logan – Hammer throw 1984, 1988. 1992 & 2000 Olympics
Thomas Jefferson -200 meters 1984 Olympics
William Barnes - 110 meter hurdles 2016 Olympics
Al Schotterman - Hammer throw 1972 Olympics
Jacques Acambre – Hammer throw 1972 & 1976 Olympics

Miami University
Bob Schul – Gold medal 5,000 meters 1964 Olympics
Bob Schul American record holder in 2 mile, 3 mile and 5,000 meters

Ohio University
Elmore Banton won NCAA Division I Men's Cross Country championship 1964
Les Carney - Silver medal 200 meters 1960 Olympics
Jack Bachelor -  5,000 meters 1968 Olympics, marathon 1972 Olympics
Stan Huntsman head Men Track & Field Olympic coach 1988

Paul Sehzue – 110 meter hurdles 2000 Olympics
Henry Patterson – high jump 1996 Olympics

Western Michigan
NCAA National Cross Country Champions - 1964 and 1965
Phil McMullen – ranked 2nd in the country in 2004 in decathlon

Mission Statement  - To encourage health and wellness among African American men by promoting a culture of running/jogging to stay fit resulting in “A Healthy Brotherhood”

Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD  - Once upon a time (before WW-II), daily life revolved around structured meals: enjoying a hearty breakfast, a dinner (at noon), and supper (at night). When women entered the workforce, eating patterns changed—lighter breakfasts and lunches, with bigger family-focused dinners. Fast forward to pre-COVID 2020, youth sports and life’s busy-ness totally disrupted dinner-times; structured meals got lost in the shuffle.


by Rod O'Donnell  (printed before in RUNOHIO with a few updates by RUNOHIO) - Speed, strength, agility, and flexibility are four key ingredients to the success of any football team. Track and field requires the same. If the two sports work together, both benefit. A well-organized and disciplined track program is a great way to remain in a competitive situation in the spring and improve in all areas listed above, thus helping the fall sport.

The JOURNAL OF YOUTH RUNNING is introducing RUNNING SHORTS as a tool to communicate important messages in a timely manner. This addition to our format is triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. It is important that we send the message that the running community is not going to surrender to the crisis. Even with no track season, no road races, and running clubs suspending all activity, runners will not stop running, stop coaching, or stop encouraging others by example to be fit, strong, healthy.