I’ve started eating clean; quinoa and brown rice. No more white rice. 

I haven’t had cookies forages. I’m eating clean—no added sugar. 

When I visit my parents, I bring my own food. It’s healthier….

Avoid running on the roads in snowy conditions. Drivers have a decreased ability to maneuver and stop.

“I wish I didn’t have snack attacks. I eat way too much chocolate…”
“I eat only healthy foods during the day. My snacking problem starts the minute I get home from work. Chips are my downfall...” “I try hard to not snack after dinner, but I have a bad habit of getting into the ice cream...”

Author Marc Bloom’s latest book, Amazing Racers, is a must read for every coach, athlete, and parent who is associated with the sport of cross-country. It describes the development and success of the incredible Fayetteville-Manlius program and its iconic coach, Bill Aris, who leads both the boys’ and girls’ teams. Between 2006 and 2017, the latter group won the Nike Nationals 11 times, while the former qualified 12 times, taking home the crown in 2014. The girls were so dominant, that in 2010, had the entire remaining field competed as one team, F-M would have been victorious.

The roads and trails are free, and so are the group runs and walks with the Columbus Running Company.  CRC's running club hosts long runs every weekend from all shop locations, and they host speed workouts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  To take part, just lace up your shoes and show up to share the miles.