You have accumulated donations with a value of $7 million in order for the track team to continue the excellence that it has attained for your university for decades. Suddenly, three administrators, the president, provost, and athletic director, decide to discontinue the program and use the money to support other sports. This is what has happened to one of the most iconic programs in the country: The College of William & Mary. This storied program has been led by coaching legends Harry Groves, John Randolph, Roy Chernock, Walt Drenth, and Dan Stimson; it has produced NCAA champions, Olympians, world record holders, Rhodes Scholars, Academic All-Americans, and many other true student-athletes.

When considering the current state of athletics on all levels that Covid 19 has caused, it is important that a great deal of imagination and innovation be used in order to ensure that sports continue; therefore, we must learn, unite, and work very hard to find effective ways to make cross-country appealing and viable, yet make certain that the rules set forth are followed in order to assure that our season continues. The same is true for track and field should the pandemic continue into spring.

Cross Country - Even with a number of invitationals being cancelled, Cross Country is in full swing. Good luck to all of the runners this season and always. Hopefully, we can social distance and wear masks and have a complete season. If you are not running, I hope you can watch a meet or two of your favorite school and support these great athletes. Rod O’Donnell updated article on - Life Lessons from Cross Country. 

We understand that COVID-19 has turned your world upside down as it has ours. Normally we would be seeing you at various Fall Marathon race expos but clearly that is not happening. We also know that most of you would be purchasing your Spring Marathon / Half Marathon before the end of the year.

INDIANAPOLIS — USATF’s 42nd Annual meeting will be held virtually, USATF announced today. The annual meeting of the sports administrators, coaches, volunteers and athletes is set for December 3-6. Additional details will be forthcoming.