2017 Arnold 5K Pump and Run

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2017 Arnold 5K Pump and Run

Written by Matt McGowan on 05 March 2017.

The 17th annual Arnold 5K Pump and Run was one of the 60 plus athletic events held during the 29th annual Arnold Fitness Weekend, which is billed as "The Largest Fitness Expo in the World".  Arnold Schwarzenegger was on hand again this year to start the race. Governor Schwarzenegger said the "The Pump and Run is a true test of one's fitness as it combines both strength and endurance."

With over 975 athletes registered for the Arnold 5K Pump and Run from thirty-two States, Washington D.C. and Canada, this event is the largest of its' kind in the World.  The race started on High Street at the north end of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, ran towards downtown, by the Nationwide Arena, around Goodale Park, through the Short North, North Market area, and the Arena District before, finishing on the north side of the Convention Center.

Before the runners started their run they spent the morning weighing in and bench pressing to reduce their running times. The lifting rules were: Men 39 and under bench pressed 100% of their weight, men 40 - 49 did 90% of their weight, men 50 and over benched 80% of their weight, men 60-69 did 70% and men 70 and over lifted 60%. Women 39 and under benched pressed 70% of their weight, women 40 - 49 benched 60% of their weight, women 50-59 benched 50% of their weight and women 60 and over lifted 40%. For each lift a runner's time was reduced by 30 seconds with a maximum of 30 reps counted.

The top eight men benched the maximum 30 reps. Brighton, Michigan's John-Paul Zebrowski (24) who was fourth last year ran the fastest time of the day  (17:00) for the Arnold 5K Pump and Run and lifted 30 reps to win with a time of 2:00.  Last year's winner Silver Spring, Maryland's Vaughan O'Brien (41)  finished just two second back.  Cincinnati's Robert Messmer (41) covered the course in 17:28 and had 30 reps to move up two places from last year to take home the bronze in 2:28.  Toledo's Robert Slater (51) ran 17:29 and lifted 30 reps to post a time of 2:29.  Columbus' Nathan Alchele (35) ran 17:51 and lifted 30 times to finished fifth in 2:51.

Michigan's Austin Zebrowski (24) finished sixth for the second year in a row with his 18:24 and 30 reps to post a time of 3:14.  Pennsylvania's Douglas Otrendi (43) bronze medalist last year placed seventh with his 18:18 and 30 reps to have a final time of 3:18.  Columbus'  Andy Ruzicho (47) ran 19:20 and lifted 30 times to place eighth in 4:20.  Cleveland's Sean Joseph (32) ran 18:58 and had 29 lifts to finish in 4:28.  Mechanicsburg's Lucas Ayars (35) ran 19:42 to go along with his 30 reps to round out the top ten in 4:42.

Nine of the top twelve women all recorded 30 lifts.  Fenton, Michigan's Lisa Veneziano (52) a six time winner and runner up last year returned to the winners circle with her run time of 19:35 and her 30 lifts to place tenth overall and win the women's crown in 4:35.  Pickerington's Gretchen Kelly (36) improved a spot from last year with her time of 20:34 and 30 lifts to take home runner up honors in 5:34.  New Albany's Lyndsi Gay (36) had the fastest women's Arnold 5K Pump and Run time with her 18:56 and her 25 lifts got her the bronze in 6:26.  Galena's Wendy Billings (45) ran 22:24 and lifted 30 reps to record a finish time of 7:24.  Hilliard's Ashley Tryban (30)  moved down a spot from last year with her 22:14 and 28 lifts to place fifth in 8:14.

Marietta's Andrea Sites (40) ran 23:20 and had 30 lifts to record a time of 8:20. Columbus' Marissa Bwchtel (38) had 30 lifts and ran 23:33 to record a 8:33 to finish seventh.  University Heights' Taryn Isaacs (32) ran a 23:19 and had 29 lift to place eighth in 8:49.  Hillsboro's Tara Beery (44) ran a 23:56 and record 30 lifts to finish with a time of 8:56.  North Canton's Charlee Brooks (37) ran 24:06 and had 30 lifts to  finish tenth in 9:06.

The event had the support of the entire running community. RUNOHIO's Matt McGowan served as co-race director along with Tim Pancher. Pancher and his workers oversaw the bench pressing. Andy Harris of the Columbus Running Company provided computer chip timing for the race. Jeff Sheard and UltraFit – USA helped at the finish  while cross-country coaches from Bishop Watterson High School, Whetstone High School and Newark Catholic High School worked the race.

The Arnold Sports Festival is the brainchild of Arnold Schwarzengger and James Lorimer, who have nurtured what began as a world-class bodybuilding competition in Columbus in the 1978 into one of the World's most popular and innovative sports festivals. The Arnold Sports Festival is the largest three-day sports festival in the world. About 185,000 sports fans saw more than 19,000 athletes competing in 55 plus sports including 15 Olympic sports.

Gold medalist and World Record holder Butch Reynolds who recently  was inducted into the USATF National Track & Field Hall of Fame started the Arnold 5K which was won by Columbus' Evan Swartz (15:25) and Columbus' Emily Odle (17:40).  Hilliard's James Zeuch (15:39) and Columbus' Jess Hoover (18:12) took home runner up honors.  Columbus' Cory Irwin (15:51) and Columbus' Paige Biglin (18:54) captured the bronze.

Check out all of the results on www.runohio Results page and a number of photos at - http://runohio.com/index.php/images

Race photos from the 2016 Arnold Pump and Run and Arnold 5K are available online from Fairfield Photography (www.FairfieldPhoto.com ).

0004-2017 arnold 5k start - 17arn_0035
0009-2017 arnold 5k - schwartz - 17arn_0095
0010-2017 arnold 5k - odle -17arn_0110
0011-2017 butch reynold- arnold-matt - 17arn_1080
0012-2017 arnold pump-run start - 17arn_1122
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