On the Run with Matt McGowan - From September/October print RUNOHIO

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On the Run with Matt McGowan - From September/October print RUNOHIO

on 07 October 2011.


The fall is many runners favorite time of the year to train and race.  The weather cools and the humidity disappears. The fall foliage makes for a more enjoyable run.
Good luck to all of the cross country runners as they train, race and get ready for the post season competition.  The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors voted unanimously last month to move the 2011 cross country state finals to National Trail Raceway in Hebron from its’ previous home at Scioto Downs Racetrack in Columbus. Crowds in excess of 12,000 have annually attended the cross country state finals during its 26-year stay at Scioto Downs, making it the largest attended cross country event in the nation. The 2011 state finals will be held November 5 and will include three girl’s races and three boy’s races.  According to Steve Blackledge’s Columbus Dispatch article The OHSAA had hoped to complete its 26-year run at Scioto Downs this fall; but the harness-racing track recently began construction of a casino building that will house slot machines, hastening the OHSAA’s decision to move a year early. Commissioner Dan Ross adamantly opposed using the facility when live gambling is taking place.  As I drove by Scioto Downs recently, I did not notice any construction going on yet. Last week’s Columbus Dispatch reported that permits for gambling at harness-racing tracks are at least six months away... I would like to thank the owners of Scioto Downs for their past hospitality.  I for one will miss the layout of the course, the grandstands, ample parking and convenience of Scioto Downs.  Hopefully, a course will be developed and laid out at the new site soon. Check out Rod O’Donnell’s Life Lesson from Cross Country
Good luck to everyone getting ready to run a fall marathon, half marathon or other races.  During the months of July and August I was able to attend the Granville Firecracker Five, Columbus Running Company Mile Dash, Johnnycake Jog 5 Miler, Pro Football Hall of Fame 5 Miler, Dublin Irish Festival 5km, Columbus Crew 5km and Parkersburg Half-Marathon.  I also directed two Granville Summer Cross Country races, the Watterson/Whetstone Alumni Cross Country 5K and the Crew 5km.  Those results and other are posted at - http://www.runohio.com/index.php/results   
Since I coach high school cross country I will not be able to attend as many road races in the fall.  I am helping my brother, Jeff promote the Shamrock Club’s Halfway to St. Patrick Day 5km and Jeff and mom with the Circleville Classic 5 Miler - http://www.runohio.com/index.php/news/137-circleville-classic-5-miler   I hope to also cover the All Ohio Collegiate Cross Country Championships - http://www.runohio.com/index.php/news/142-all-ohio-intercollegiate-cross-country-championships the Dayton Corridor Half-Marathon, Minster Oktoberfest - http://www.runohio.com/index.php/news/142-all-ohio-intercollegiate-cross-country-championships and the Columbus Marathon.  Say Hi if you see me at one of these races.
For the third year in a row I have had the honor of being on the USATF screening committee and to be a voter for the USATF Hall of Fame members.  The process began in May as the screening committee chose from among over a hundred nominations to pick slates for modern athletes (retired less than 25 years); veteran athletes (retired more than 25 years) and contributors who have given our sport their skills and passion for many decades.  The final vote for the 2011 National Track & Field Hall of Fame will conclude on September 13th.  The Class of 2011 induction ceremony will be held during the USATF’s Annual meeting November 30 - December 4th in St Louis.
As I try to put the final touches on this issue I had to get a new modem from my internet provider as mine died and for some reason the photos I emailed to my layout person never arrived. I am going to hand deliver them to her after typing this.
The race calendar in this edition includes over 275 September races as well October races - http://www.runohio.com/index.php/events/calendar/october-2011  and the first two week of November races.  Because of space, information is limited.  But race directors can post their information on The Running Network/RUNOHIO Searchable Calendar on the RUNOHIO web site: www.runohio.com  or go to –
http://www.runningnetwork.com/RN_calendar/events/index.php?com=submit Race directors can list additional information such as: entry fee, email contacts, web addresses, sponsor and more.  Good luck to everyone who helps direct all of these races.
Registration for the March 4, 2012 12 annual Arnold 5K Pump and Run starts November 1st
Hopefully, if you are not a subscriber to RUNOHIO, you will help us with your subscription; and if you subscribe, please remember to renew your subscription. 
The deadline for the November/December RUNOHIO is October 17th.
Have a great fall!
Matt McGowan

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