On The Run with Matt McGowan From May/June 2011 print RUNOHIO

on 14 May 2011.

The past few months I have missed traveling to a few road races I usually cover due to my commitment of being on the Granville Village Council.   The council has been interviewing people for a new Village Manager the past few months.   Hopefully, I will be able to get to a few road races soon.

Many communities have had the most rain ever in the month of April. Hopefully, the weather will be more conducive for your training and racing this month.

According to the 2009-10 High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations - girls outdoor track and field for the second year in a row is the number one sport offering with high school girls with 469,177 participants up from last year’s 457,732 participants.  Boys’ track and field finished second to football with 572,123 participants up from last year’s 558,007 participants.  According to the survey, 783 Ohio high schools offer boy’s outdoor track and field with 26,228 participants.  There are 786 Ohio high school sponsoring girl’s track and field with 22,619 participants.

With boys track being so popular I still don’t know how colleges and universities’ athletic departments have justified dropping men’s track and field programs.   If your alma mater dropped men’s track and field, I hope you will write them a letter asking them how they can justify this and maybe withhold any donations until men’s track and field is reinstituted.

If you are looking for some excellent track and field to watch, check out the following:

May 26 – 28 NCAA Division III Track and Field National Championships at Ohio Wesleyan University; May 26 – 28 NAIA Track and Field National Championships at Indiana Wesleyan University and June 3-4 Ohio High School Athletic Association Track and Field Championships – Jesse Owens Memorial Track at Ohio State University.  If you attend the State Track and Field Meet, check out the new statue honoring Jesse Owens which was unveiled last month honoring his 4 Gold Medal performance 75 years ago.

Congratulations to everyone who ran the Boston Marathon or another marathon last month. Good luck to everyone running an upcoming marathon or another race. 

I will be helping Jim Jurcevich to promote the 34th Annual Columbus 10K.  The Columbus 10K is the “Oldest Race in Town”.  The race started as the Citizen Journal 10K, a race which I won the first year.  I also served as race director for fifteen years.  I hope you will be able to run this downtown Columbus race.  Jim and the Columbus Running Company took over as the race director in 2009. A race flyer is listed in this issue or you can get more information on the race on the RUNOHIO web site:

I am also helping with two summer cross country races to be held Thursday evenings on Bryn Du Mansion Great Lawn in Granville.  I hope you will be able to attend one or both events and enjoy the day in Granville.

It amazes me to see the number of races in this year’s May/June RUNOHIO Race Calendar.  A number of communities have more than one race on the same weekend.  Hopefully, you can find a number of races to run.  If you are not able to run a race on a given weekend, contact the race director of a race in your hometown to see whether they need any help.   I am sure most races can use a few good volunteers.

If you are directing a race in 2011 please send RUNOHIO your race information and/or entry form as soon as you have the information available. There is a Race Calendar Information Form in this issue. Also, list your races on The Running Network/RUNOHIO Searchable Calendar:

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Good luck with your upcoming races. I hope to see you at a race or track meet.


Matt McGowan