Columbus Shamrock Club President Andy Shuman presented his Parade Badge for 2021 at recent meeting, here is his badge story:

“I didn’t want the badge to be just my story. We sell badges to support a parade venerating Saint Patrick, not me. I wanted it to be fun too; like Sandy Beach’s drawings. I took memories from a very disconnected year and tried to represent those moments. The background is Columbus, the year is featured in tri-color. The man in the middle is from my sponsor ads for McGowan’s Pub. Jeff McGowan helped get me involved in the Club many years ago and would have loved every bit of this badge. The shamrock and paint on the left represents our Shamrock Campaign, #paintohiogreen. The green shoes could represent me (Shu), but are the famous Dempsey shoes. The tortoise and hare from Bua Irish Whiskey represent the shenanigans that we all enjoy. Finally, “The Best is Yet to Come!” has been my motto. I hope you also connect with these memories and moments. Badges will available for sale in the coming weeks.”