The life of Running Times magazine ended with the 2016 January/February issue, thus terminating one of the best running periodicals ever published.

Founded by Ed Ayers, Rick Platt, and Phil Stewart, 39 years before its demise, RT provided readers with relevant and entertaining information written by those who understood our sport. The articles told readers how to improve their running and included many features on great athletes and coaches who inspired and made positive contributions to those of us who looked forward to each issue.

Among those contributors were Chris Lear (Running with the Buffaloes), Greg McMillan (McMillan Running.Com), Mark Bloom (Amazing Racers), Exercise Physiologist and two-time Olympian Pete Pfitzinger, to name just a few experts who were assembled to give the magazine down-to-earth information that was easy to understand. The inclusive topics consisted of biographies, tips for ultra running, trail running, injury prevention, equipment reviews, and training points for all ages.. Anything that applied to running was found in RT. Examples included:

“The Jump: Four Levels to Include in Your Summer Training to Become a Next Level Athlete in the Fall” - Jay Johnson, June 2011

“Continent of Trails” - Sara Wagner, June 2011

“Don’t Stop” - Steve Magivess , May/June 2015

“How Strava is Ruining Your Running” - Philip Latter, Nov/Dec 2015

“It’s Not About the Work-outs - The Stotan Runners of Upstate New York” - Marc Bloom, March 2010

“Fire and Ice – Desire and Discipline Drive of Jorge and Ed Torres To the Top” - Chris Lear, 2003

“5K Race Week Work-outs”- Greg McMillan, June 2010

“Running Plus – The Cross-Country Training Logs of High School Champions” - Marc Bloom, July 2014

“Fueling Facts” - Erin Strout, December 2014

“Schedule a Breakthrough” - Jonathan Dubas, January/February 2014

Long-time Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Beverly and his predecessor, Marc Bloom had a knack at soliciting and selecting articles that had a broad appeal for the readers, from joggers and fans of the various types of running to coaches of all levels. Taking time to find copies of this now-extinct publication will enhance your knowledge of the sport, along with providing hours of entertainment and information.

Yours in Track,

Rod O’Donnell

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Have a Healthy, Happy and Safe 2023!

I hope to see you at a race.

Matt McGowan