Thanks to the Internet, we have abundant access to high quality, science-based nutrition podcasts. We also have access to a lot of questionable nutrition information.

Many runners feel pressure to have a perfect body, perfect diet, and ideally, perfect races. The stress-inducing trait of perfectionism often pushes runners to not only become stronger and faster, but also leaner and food-phobic. We have seen perfection play out with football phenom Tom Brady.

During a long run, I snack on M&Ms to boost my energy.
After a hard track workout, chocolate milk is my go-to recovery food!
How bad—or good—is chocolate for me?

In the September/October issue, 2009, of RunOhio, “Life Lessons from Cross-Country” first appeared. In this month’s issue, an updated and revised version of the original article is presented. In an attempt to keep our wonderful sport vibrant and relevant in our athletic world, we must sell it and communicate how special it truly is to parents, coaches, athletic administrators, and others who are involved.

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