My teammate eats ice chips like crazy. Isn't that a sign of being anemic? Something must be wrong with me. I get out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs... Should I eat lots of spinach to boost my iron intake, given I've stopped eating red meat?

Looking for a running club in your area. 

The traditional 5 Mile Run will be a 5K Run/Walk this year due to increase safety concerns with Pumpkin Show traffic.

From past issue of RUNOHIO - In an attempt to keep our wonderful sport vibrant and relevant in our athletic world, we must sell it and communicate how special it truly is to parents, coaches, athletic administrators, and others who are involved.

Running is addictive. Once you start seriously, you’re in a constant battle to run further, to improve on a personal best (PB), and to generally become better at your new hobby. However, it is a physically demanding sport that requires peak physical fitness.