By Amanda Folk - “Social distancing has likely been difficult, even for the most introverted runner. In the first 2 months of 2020, prior to the COVID-19 disruption, the Columbus Westside Running Club (CWRC) was averaging 75 members each week for our Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday group runs combined. Clearly, our members enjoy the camaraderie that our group runs provide. However, CWRC has found creative ways to keep our members engaged and motivated while also encouraging safety and adherence to public health guidelines.

Here are some of the top Mid American Conference Men Track & Field men Athletes since 1960:


by Rod O'Donnell  (printed before in RUNOHIO with a few updates by RUNOHIO) - Speed, strength, agility, and flexibility are four key ingredients to the success of any football team. Track and field requires the same. If the two sports work together, both benefit. A well-organized and disciplined track program is a great way to remain in a competitive situation in the spring and improve in all areas listed above, thus helping the fall sport.

Mission Statement  - To encourage health and wellness among African American men by promoting a culture of running/jogging to stay fit resulting in “A Healthy Brotherhood”

Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD  - Once upon a time (before WW-II), daily life revolved around structured meals: enjoying a hearty breakfast, a dinner (at noon), and supper (at night). When women entered the workforce, eating patterns changed—lighter breakfasts and lunches, with bigger family-focused dinners. Fast forward to pre-COVID 2020, youth sports and life’s busy-ness totally disrupted dinner-times; structured meals got lost in the shuffle.