Spotlight your RRCA or USAT&F Club. Send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 3-5 paragraphs about your club to be spotlighted in an upcoming print RUNOHIO.

Check out the various clubs on the RUNOHIO web site –    https://www.runohio.com/index.php/run-clubs

The following were highlighted in the spring print RUNOHIO:

Road Runners Club of America - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/run-clubs/376-road-runners-club-of-america

Black Men Run - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/run-clubs/165-black-men-run-columbus

Black Girls Run - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/run-clubs/156-black-girls-run-cincinnati