The summer racing season is well underway.  There are hundreds of races being contested this summer.  There are a number of races in this RUNOHIO calendar for you to choose to run. 

I hope the great weather continues and you find a few races to run and   you get a P.R or two this summer. Not forget to drink plenty of water before and after your summer training.  Also, if you have a local race you are not running, hopefully you can volunteer.  As a race director good help is always welcome.  Without volunteer most races couldn’t be held.

A number of outstanding performances have been recorded on the roads and the track recently.  Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Ohio High School Athletic Association State Track & Field Tournament or one of the many Nationals Championships.  It was a hot OHSAA Track & Field State Meet - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/news-features/news/410-ohsaa-state-track-field-championships-columbus-june-5-6-by-matt-mcgowan   A number of the distance race winner’s pictures are in this issue as well as on the RUNOHIO web site - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/photos/2023 

Many junior high, high school and college athletes are gearing up for another cross country season. I coached high school cross country for over thirty years and while in graduate school at Miami University I started the women cross country club and always looked forward to the season.   The History of Cross Country - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/news-features/news/426-history-of-cross-country-by-matt-mcgowan  Good luck to everyone running cross country this fall.  Make sure you drink plenty of water during these hot and humid days.  

Tom Waggensellor and I directed our 60th Granville Bryn Du Summer Cross Country race over the past 20 years - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/news-features/news/420-runners-of-all-ages-enjoy-racing-at-bryn-du-by-kurt-snyder-newark-advocate We are hoping with our assistance someone or group will step forward to keep this event going.

Due to a number of factors including some minor health issues I have had recently the Columbus Jeff McGowan 5K will be a virtual event - https://runsignup.com/Race/OH/Columbus/jeffmcgowan5k 

The Circleville Classic will be a 5K this year due to increase traffic safety concerns.  The race held in Memory of Jeff & Jean McGowan will be on October 21 which is the Saturday of the Pumpkin Show.  - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/news-features/features/430-circleville-classic-5k-in-memory-of-jeff-jean-mcgowan If you would like to volunteer please contact me, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and I hope if you have run in the past you will sign up again.


RUNOHIO was a silver sponsor of the Run for Theron 5K and this issue of RUNOHIO was sent to participants.- 

If you are directing a race, please send RUNOHIO your race information and/or an entry form as soon as it is available. RUNOHIO covers primarily Ohio, but also list races from West Virginia, eastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, southern Michigan and western Pennsylvania. The race information I receive will be listed in the print RUNOHIO and on https://www.runohio.com/index.php/events 


If you want to reach the runners of Ohio and surrounding states, contact RUNOHIO at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    For the price of a few entries, advertising is available in the print RUNOHIO, on the RUNOHIO web site or in the monthly RUNOHIO E-Newsletter - https://www.runohio.com/index.php/news-features/features/298-looking-to-advertise   

The last issue of RUNOHIO was printed a little later than I wanted as the place which printed RUNOHIO closed the week we were going to print.  Luckily’ I found another printer and they did a great job. This is our sixth printer in our thirty six years of operation. This issue is also coming out later than I would like as the person who does my layout had emergency surgery and we had to delay the printing.  As she was slowly recovering she was able to finish the layout.  Thank you.

Subscribers to the print RUNOHIO will continue to get at least five issues for a one year subscription even though RUNOHIO is printing fewer issues per calendar year.  Hopefully, you will renew your subscription or subscribe for the first time. Your support is greatly appreciated - https://runsignup.com/runohio 

Good luck to all athletes competing in the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 – August 19th - 27th - https://www.usatf.org/events/2023/2023-world-athletics-championships and 


I hope you are able to spend time with family and friends this summer. Good luck with your summer training and racing.

I hope to see you at an upcoming race or cross country event.

Matt McGowan