Grove City, PA (30min from the Ohio state line)


The mission of the Grove City Athletics Club (GCAC) is to motivate and facilitate life-long physical activity through inspiring a joy for running/walking, track and field, and other forms of physical activity in the Grove City, PA community and surrounding areas.


Member Club - Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)

Member Club - United States Track & Field (USATF)

Adult Group Runs:

7:30am (summer) or 1pm (fall/winter/spring) Sundays meeting @ Grove City High School track parking lot

More info: http://grovecityac.org/index.php/training

 Elementary Summer/Fall Cross Country (grades 2-6) info: http://grovecityac.org/index.php/youth/elementary-summer-fall-cross-country 

 Middle School & High School Club Cross Country (grades 7-12) info: http://grovecityac.org/index.php/youth/ms-hs-cross-country-track 

 Elementary Spring Track (grades 2-6) Info: http://grovecityac.org/index.php/youth/elementary-spring-track 

 More information and questions, contact:

Website: http://grovecityac.org

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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