The roads and trails are free, and so are the group runs and walks with the Columbus Running Company.  CRC's running club hosts long runs every weekend from all shop locations, and they host speed workouts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  To take part, just lace up your shoes and show up to share the miles.

The club offers free beginner and intermediate training plans for everything from 5k up to the marathon, and there's a CRC Advanced Training option that, for a fee, provides a revved up training plan along with race discounts, a club singlet, and more.  At the same time, the club offers a guided 5k program for beginners and provides sponsorships for Olympic Trials hopefuls, making a home for runners and walkers of all abilities.

 You can find a full schedule of group runs at www.columbusrunning.com/pages/miles    

 There's a place for younger runners too.  The Grasshoppers is the youth running program within CRC's running club, and the program focuses on introducing kids in grades 3-6 to the sport of running.  The Grasshoppers host three seasons a year, giving the kids chances to experience everything from their first steps to cross country racing.  With an emphasis on keeping things fun, the kids run, race, play games, and learn the basics of the sport.

 Whatever your age, ability, or experience level, there's a group run or training option with the CRC's running club.  Come share the miles with us.