In 2007, Dale Fox went on a run with Jeff Lucas, who he’d met in 1995, John Haviland, Tim Schroeder, and Rich Davis. He told them the details of the vision he had for a local running team, and asked if they’d like to help. The men all agreed they’d show up to practice.

Dale and his wife, Pat, put their heads together and named the new group “5 Rivers Running Team.” Each part of that name was carefully chosen: the number 5 rather than the word, to avoid confusion with the local MetroParks; and “running” instead of “racing” to set the tone of inclusivity.

Two weeks after their first meeting, Dale presented his small group with a mock-up of the club website, on which, much to their surprise, he had named each of them as officers. The first president was Jeff Lucas, with John Haviland as vice president.

Membership is open to runners of all abilities and ages, 18 years and above. Our membership spans a broad range from recreational runners to veteran athletes who participate in road races, marathons, ultra-marathons, trail runs, relays, and multi-sport events during the year.

There are no formal membership dues, but a voluntary $5 per month donation is always appreciated. Donations are not tracked. All donations are used to offset club expenses such as the website, social activities like the annual Christmas Party, and USA Track & Field membership dues.

So, no matter if you are new to running, or a veteran runner, you will always feel welcome as a member of the 5 Rivers Running Team.

For additional information about the 5 Rivers Running Team please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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