Origins of the Clifton Track Club

By Mike Boylan, Founding Father

(Originally printed in the newsletter in January 1995)

Don Connolly (Indian Hill), Bob Roncker (Elder), and me (Roger Bacon) were all contemporaries in the local high school cross country and track scene during the late ’60s and early ’70s, before the “running boom” and the personal fitness movement began. We each dropped out of the coaching scene at various points, but kept our contacts with the running sports. By the mid-70s, Frank Shorter had inspired us all with his Olympic Marathon win, and the running scene was blossoming everywhere. In June 1976, Don was selling New Balance shoes out of his basement; Bob had returned from a stint with Runners World in California; and I was studying for the state bar exam for wannabe attorneys. I couldn’t make it one mile to Clifton School. The Clifton Track Club was born, humbly, with a notice on the bulletin board in the window of the Clifton Town Meeting office on Ludlow Avenue:

By September, there was a “network” of about 40 runners. By November, we had a club name, “Clifton Track Club and Joggers Association”; had started monthly meetings in the basement of the First National Bank at Ludlow and Whitfield; and had announced our formation at the 1976 Elks Club Thanksgiving Day Race.

The Club later became the Running Greater Cincinnati.

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